Why I Will Never Say That I Hate School

I hate school!” is a common phrase that many people have heard, and many have pronounced. This is a phrase I once said and realized almost immediately that I was completely wrong. If there is anything I hate, it surly is that phrase. Of course, school isn’t my favorite place to be, and I definitely do not enjoy each minute spent there, but I could never say that I hate school. Some days I would love to stay home and sleep a little more instead of facing the stress at school, but I will never say that I hate school. To me, the phrase translates into something along these lines: “I hate an opportunity that I was given to learn and have some kind of future.

The way I see “I hate school” may seem funny to anyone who hears it for the first time, but in reality, this really is what we say once this sentence slips from our mouths. School gives us so many amazing opportunities that we take for granted! We know how to read, write, solve simple math problems… These basic forms of knowledge will aid us in the future, when it will be up to us to earn money and have a quality life.

Thinking of all the opportunities the knowledge we get from school, why are we saying that we hate our chance to have those opportunities? There are so many children, who long to go to school, who are prepared to walk a tremendously long way through heat and cold to go to school, who want to have a good future. You will never hear “I hate school!” from children who either never had the opportunity to go to school, or who know their future depends on the skills they learn from school. They do not take school for granted because they know what school does for them.

The purpose of this article is to bring the children and teenagers who say they hate school back to reality. Imagine that one day, all of your possessions are gone, you struggle to find food, water, things you get everyday are all gone. You have one way to get out of this, and it is to go to school, go to college, and get a job. “I hate school!” is going to be a sentence that your mouth avoids, and it will be a sentence that will hurt you once you hear it from others.

My opportunity that I have to go to school and get an education will never be taken for granted, because I know that it is an opportunity that many other children don’t get, but which they could. This realization is why I never say that I hate school.



Author: Succeeding In Life For Teenagers

Hey there! I'm just a teenager with a passion for writing! I hope you enjoy my posts and have a fun time reading my opinions! Also, feel free to comment your own opinions on the topics I choose, I will be happy to hear another side of what I talked about He he : )

7 thoughts on “Why I Will Never Say That I Hate School”

  1. T-o my school refused to teach me because they thought i was an idiot and stole funding that should of gotten me a scribe for i could not hold a pencil.
    In there own words “we have other students who could benefit from that money.”
    We had motivational assemblies telling all the lower the C students how useless and waste of money we were. our teachers would rarely turn up to class and would have most likely lose your work books due to there lack of caring.
    Y_Y one of my high school teachers tried to force me to write an eaasy on how great they were while another would talk to us like we were 5 years old “This is a blue pen and this is red pen.”
    My school gave non of us students under C hope, we weren’t allowed to take high math if our English was low (vise versa) you would only be allowed to choose 2 classes compared to the 5 the higher grade students to choose from and you would be told by support teachers to fail test in order to get money.
    They told my some Fu**ed up stuff.
    only brave people can kill them selves.
    If you can remember painful memorize they can’t be bad.
    Your not allowed to feel sadness, we will punish you for that.
    You should feel sorry for the person physically assaulting you they have had a worse life then you.
    T_T I would hear people say “there our people who would want that school position.” Just made me bottle up a load of anger for other humans around me and for the longest period of time made me want to hurt everyone around me in order to feel what it’s like to be set on fire, have a once friend send someone to beat you for a months, have people say your life has no worth and say if you complain you need to be fixed (I was forced into a autism class).
    Y_Y Our last school assembly was them telling us there was no hope and were all going to be owned by the chinese.
    Don’t tell me I can’t resent school for Fu***ing up my head.

    ^-o There was teacher who hung himself in his classroom during school hours (lucky they the teacher found him before his next class did).


  2. T-T before you say I took school for granted here is a very strange piece of info: I had the most improve grades of any student that had gone from primary to high school in my enter year group.

    Y-Y I was will to drive myself mad in order to get that (The high school acknowledged I was going mad and gave me a certificate for pushing though).


    1. Hello! I just read all 3 of your comments, and I am very sorry that you feel that way! It feels good to vent sometimes, doesn’t it? 🙂 Wherever you are, most people will always underestimate you and not believe in you. I’m not talking about just you, I’m talking about every single person on earth. What is important is that you ignore them, and you believe in yourself. I know it’s really tough when people make you feel like crap, but we all have to deal with it. Remember, as long as you feel and know you are doing well, you ARE doing well. I will not judge you based on what you said, because what I wrote was just my opinion, and I am happy to hear other opinions on the topic I chose. Stay strong, and believe in yourself!

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      1. XD I’m glad I went to school in that regard however, I still hate school and see them more as farms to weed he strong from the weak (no need to waste money a weak students).

        The only reason a lot of us got into college was because of a computer glitch that forced them to make a course for us.
        I had to retake English and math (which I got easily higher then in high school).
        Lucky for me I got a C in art high school allowing me to be part of the glitch.
        ^_o Ended the 4 year course with D*DD (the highest you could get).

        My school made sure we weaker students did not get opportunity and we were aware of this.
        T-o I remember being shown a film in drama about a bunch of students that were said to be on a field trip and one of them was about to kill themselves when they turn to there teacher “There is no hope is there, we were born to be stuck in that town for the rest of our lives with no hope.” the teacher can’t respond knowing that was true.

        In a way I didn’t get the opportunity to go to school for they didn’t treat as a place of learning but a prison to keep me locked up for 16 years. T_T This is kind of supported by the prime minister extending the leaving age to 18 just to save on benefit money and lower the unimplemented statics.

        Even the public see it as a way to lower youth crime.


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