The Queen of Procrastination’s Advice to Students

I used to not do very well at school. At all. Then, I changed a few things and ba-bam! My grades shot up like rockets! Seeing as I am basically the Queen of Procrastination and this was possible for me shows that my tips may be somewhat helpful. So here is my story:

Over my many years spent at school, the only time that I realized I probably should start getting good grades and stop spending my time watching youtube videos was at the end of sixth grade. Before that, I was unorganized, careless, and did the bare minimum. My projects were literally completed in 2 seconds just so I could have more time to hang out with my friends and put on makeup. I hoped that my grade would at least be the required grade to not fail. Sometimes, wishing wouldn’t work. You see, when I got the worst grade of my life I felt terrible, and I realized that to not feel terrible I must get good grades. Now, this was nerve racking because of three reasons:

  1. I was really unorganized(you could tell by my backpack)
  2. I procrastinated everything(duh, I’m the Queen of Procrastination!)
  3. I really didn’t care, I put no effort into my work, and my work was very bad quality(like, zero)

1.Becoming Organized

After analyzing what was wrong, I stumbled upon a very messy jumble of thoughts, so here is my first tip:

Have a Notebook and/or Planner!

This changed my organization completely! My school gave out planners, and in mine, I wrote down my homework, things to do after school(talk to teachers, etc.) and extra things I want to do at home. Also, in it I wrote what classes to improve on, which brings me to my next tip:

Find What You Need to Improve for Each Class!

I have eight classes, and for each one I checked my grades and read teachers comments on my work. I wrote down what I need to improve in my planner/notebook. Then, I started to work on what I needed to improve. Overtime, my performance at school became a lot better.

Organize your folders, backpack, locker, and desk!

I organized my folders first, and the way to keep them organized is completely up to you and your personal preferences. I threw away any papers I don’t need any more, and I got a folder for each class. To organize my backpack, I just threw away any trash, took anything that shouldn’t be in my backpack out(jewelry, markers, etc.) and it was a completely different backpack! I would advise you to purchase I bigger, more roomy backpack if you cannot fit all of your things in it instead of struggling to stuff all of your things inside. To organize my desk, I once again threw away any trash, and labeled the drawers! This helped me a lot, and working on homework and projects became a lot less stressful because I knew where all of my papers were.

2.Stop Procrastinating!

I did this after becoming organized, and a few things that I did really helped me, and here comes my first tip:

Have an after school schedule!

This was a little bit hard for me because I have a lot of after school lessons, but I managed to maintain a constant schedule. First, give yourself a resting(procrastinating doing homework/ eating) time, mine is one hour and thirty minutes(can be less depending on the amount of work I have). Then, do your homework for a certain time. What I really recommend doing is set a goal for yourself and an amount of time to complete the goal. So for example, I would write down in my planner “Complete poster- 2 hours”. If I get the work done in 2 hours(Which meansI did not procrastinate) I get a twenty minute break. If I procrastinated, I will do the work until it is done and only then get a break. This really helped me to stop procrastinating.

I only have one more tip, and here it is:

Work During School!

This may sound really stupid, but, this is what I do and I have less work to do at home, so I save time. Also, I can’t procrastinate at school because teachers are watching from every angle, all social media pages are blocked, and cellphones are not allowed. If I am swamped with work, I will usually eat a very quick snack during our first fifteen minute break, and then our forty- five minute long lunch break. I save about fifty minutes at home. Also, if your school has after school detention, or something like that, work during that time! Don’t get sent there on purpose though(don’t get any bad ideas)! just ask to spend some of your time there, you know, hang out. In our school, we get sent to “Homework Club” if we don’t do our homework. I go there whenever I can because there is absolutely no way for me to procrastinate there(teachers everywhere and a its held in very quiet room).

3.Better Quality Work/More Effort

This completely depends on you, and there are only two tips that I can give:

Read Comments Teachers Give You!

This helped me the most, honestly. I read about all of my mistakes and what I should improve. I tried to improve all of my mistakes, and really, this step does not take a lot of time or effort, but it makes a huge difference! My improvement was drastic because I realized what I was doing wrong.

Talk to Your Teachers!

Whenever I am unsure about a project, or I do not understand the expectations, I will ask my teacher about it, and that always helps me. I used to not ask any questions even if I didn’t understand, and, well, it didn’t help me. After I started asking questions my school performance started improving  tremendously.

My Personal Improvement

Our school gives out certificates each quarter(there are four quarters) to every student whose grade is a certain average. For the first two quarters, I wasn’t even close to getting the required average to get a certificate, because I didn’t care about my work. During the third quarter, I was one or two decimal points away(when I started to care and improve), and for the last quarter I got the required average and the certificate!(that happened in sixth grade) And now, I have gotten it in every single grade for each quarter!

I really hope that these tips help you, because they sure did help me! These tips are for lazy procrastinators who want to get really good grades but also have time to do things such as have fun with friends, or to watch a movie. I am that kind of person, and I know that I am not the only one. These methods will work, just give them a try, they don’t require a great amount of effort or time!

Once again, I hope these work for you, and if not, just comment a question, I’m sure I’ll have an answer!